Macbeth Callback List

A reminder: If you name does not appear on this list, it does not mean that you’re not being considered for a role!

Thanks to everyone who auditioned! Callbacks will consist of a reading from Act I, sc. 7 (download the sides below) of the script, so I would suggest that everyone get a chance to read through that scene multiple times before tomorrow afternoon’s callbacks! Make sure you have more than a “general understanding” of the scene. Take a look at each sentence and really think about what each one really means.

Also, be prepared to read either role in the scene. There is a possibility that I will ask you to switch roles regardless of gender.

I will read you in the scene, provide you with some direction and ask you to read the scene again with the new direction. Don’t be afraid to ask questions if you’re not clear about the direction you’re given.

Finally, I would ask the gentlemen to be a little patient since there are so many more ladies to be read as well. Gentlemen, you’ll be reading with multiple ladies.

Thanks again for a perfect thunderstormy night of Scottish Play auditions!!!

Connor Meyer
Gage Stephens
Caden Harris
Michael Boucher
Dustin Gibbs
Kye Winn
Owen McManus
Mathew Beutjer
Lady Macbeth
Abby Sledd
Dey Holt
Bianca Russo
Taylor Owen
Lauren Sithole
Mandy Strange
Sammy Sledd
Abby Donham
Brianna Moore
Malika Clinton
Presley Cobble
Zoe Winn
Allison DeHaye
Amy Ballock

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